June 3, 2012

Bar Hop Catch Up: Little Water Cantina, Innkeeper, the Sexton

Back a bit, I went on and on and on about writing this incredibly awesome (like, Everest-sized) short column I was starting to write for the also incredibly awesome Seattle Magazine. Then I detailed like two of the columns and never mentioned it again. Cause really, I’m like that (and by that, in this case, I mean lame). Here I am, in great position to set you up for a lost weekend of Seattle bars and then I dropped the ball. I should be riding the pine with the second team. But, I now promise to make it up to you by detailing, in easy-to-read bulleted fashion, the three Bar Hop columns you may have missed. A little drum roll, please. Great. Now, here they are:

•  Innkeeper (in Belltown)

•  Little Water Cantina (in Eastlake)

•  Sexton (in Ballard)

Let your drinking commence.

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