October 30, 2011

What I’m Drinking This Halloween: The Sleepy Hollow

Just in time for you kooky fright-fest adult trick-and-treaters, let me present the latest on the Good Life Report, a recipe and such for the Sleepy Hollow cocktail. It’s an ideal Halloween party drink, one that matches both the spooky-fun nature of the holiday and (just in case you’re not reading the article on October 31st exactly) the season. It mixes gin, apricot liqueur, mint, lemon, and a hint of simple syrup (to match up with the candy and such the real kiddies get) into a mix that’s not scary at all, but good enough that you might just lose your head over it. So, get on over there and read the Sleepy Hollow up.


PS: Can’t get enough Halloween cocktails? Watch me make a Warlock cocktail and turn into a demon

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