March 2, 2012

What I’m Drinking: Hillards at Delancey

For those regular readers of Spiked Punch (a list which includes my dogs Sookie and Rory, the dread Dormammu, and you), you know that I’ve taught a class at the Pantry at Delancey, which probably might lead you to believe that I’d be fan of Delancey, the pizza parlor. And you’d be right. To jump back, however (jump back!) in case you’re not from Seattle, Delancey is the, in my mind, finest pizza place in Seattle, and run by some fine folks, and the Pantry is a dreamy class and communal dinner spot behind it.

But what does this have to do with drinks? Well, it involves another Seattle spot, the newish brewery Hilliards. Hilliards is a beer-lover’s bubbly utopia in two ways: first, they make great-tasting beer (especially the Saison, which is smooth but with a bit of layered flavors and hints of spice and orange), and second, they make beer in really sweet-looking cans. Some days, I just want a can of beer in my hand. It’s less dangerous than a bottle, and a can reminds me a whole heaping lot of the Midwest where I sprouted.

And now, I’m gonna blow your mind: they serve Hillards at Delancey. Amazing. The universe is a wonderful place sometimes (and sometimes awfully cranky), and one of those times is when you can have a local beer in a can and a pizza and have them both be well-crafted marvels of taste without an ounce of snoot. I love it. And when you’re in Seattle, you should love it, and them, too.


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Natalie said:

Yum yum the saison and delancey’s!

ajrathbun said:

It is a delicious combo. I’m starting to feel a bit addicted to it.

Drew said:

Thank you for introducing me to both of these wonderful Seattle flavors. I had my first experience at Delancey where I did bad things to a hand made personal pizza from their wood oven with my new favorite beer in a can in hand. I was crushed being a self proclaimed beer dork who frequently introduces friends and family to new tasty brews to have missed Hillards debut in my own back yard. We are spoiled in the Northwest with amazing beer and I must have been sipping away at Maritime and missed the grand opening. Thanks AJ for opening the door for both these tasty treats.

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