April 26, 2012

Drunken Poets and More: Catching up with Seattle Mag Action

Hello young cocktail lovers. I’ve detailed in posts below and then farther below some Seattle Magazine articles that I’ve written. But I’ve not mentioned a number of blog posts I’ve recently being doing as well. And darnit, they need your attention (if you’ve already seen all of them, then of course ignore this and go read your copy of The Essential Doctor Strange Volume 1. While having a drink. Cause the Doc isn’t a teetotaler. Oh no, not at all. He may drink mostly mystical mixes, but he likes to unwind with a cocktail after whipping up Dormammu or Shuma-Gorath. That’s how the Doc rolls people). So, here’s a nice list of recent posts from the Seattle Mag blog, posts that just may change your life:

Spring Cocktails: 4 Aperitifs to Enjoy Before Dinner

5 Sophisticated Spring Break Cocktails

Toast National Poetry Month with Five Cocktail and Poem Pairings

Four Divine After-Dinner Cocktails

Three New Locally-made Spirits

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