March 7, 2012

Bar Hop: Chino’s

If you missed it in my earlier Sun Liquor Distillery post, those tipsy ladies at Seattle Magazine have me writing a monthly Bar Hop column, and a new one has just hit the energetic e-airwaves and will soon be on newstands. It’s focusing on new-ish Cap Hill spot Chino’s, which has not only a small host of healthy (and healthily tasty) tiki-ish drinks whipped up by bartendress supreme Veronika Groth but also an array of intriguing snacks. But hey, don’t stop at this summary, go read the Bar Hop.

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Drew said:

It seems like Seattle has a growing number of distilleries popping up. Any must go places or any to avoid? Do you have your favorites?

ajrathbun said:

We are awash in new distilleries. I’d say try as many as you can, and while I don’t want to play favorites, I do have a fondness for Woodinville Whiskey Co, Sound Spirits, and Pacific Distillery. But really, support local spirits and try lots.

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