January 29, 2013

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch-Up

Hello young cocktail lovers.  As I’ve mentioned in past Seattle Magazine blog posts here on Spiked Punch, I write beyond this blog’s hallowed digital halls, specifically and mostly for Seattle Magazine (a blog post a week, the Bar Hop column, and more). In case you haven’t been visiting the mighty Seattle Magazine, shame on you. But not so much shame that I won’t point you to recent pieces I’ve written for them, in bulleted fashion:

•  Five Hot Drinks for Cold Winter Nights

•  Cocktail Home Remedies to Cure What Ails You

•  Two New Bars Opening and Other Drinking News

•  Bottled Resolutions: Five Spirits and Liqueurs to Try in 2013

•  Five Champagne Cocktails

•  Where to Drink with Relatives in Seattle

•  The People Have Spoken: Locals’ Favorite Bars and Cocktails

•  Give the Gift of Booze: Six Bottles That Will Impress Your Friends

PS: Want to see every single Seattle Magazine piece I’ve done? Check out the Seattle Magazine A.J. Rathbun page.

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