April 9, 2012

Top Cocktail Happy Hours (in Seattle, That Is)

The scrumptious Seattle Magazine has made a recent mistake: they had a few cocktails and let me pick the current round of top happy hour cocktail hotspots for the recent Best Restaurant Issue. Also in the Best Restaurants issue the editors talk it up about their fav eateries, foodie playahs, and top hits for happy hour eats. The whole thing is smart and helpful cause these ladies know their eats. I’m not saying I know it all about cocktails in the same manner, but I have had a drink here and there and do have a bit of an opinion on what makes an ideal happy hour (I also wrote an essay on it, but more on that soon), but here I am going on and on about myself. What I really want to say is: go read the happy hour picks and then get in the car and go have a drink. You deserve it.

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