November 19, 2013

Seattle Magazine Bar-Hopping: Anchor’s Down, Montana, Rocco’s

roccosCalling all bar lovers from near and far (but especially near). It’s time to round up the latest bars I’ve profiled in my monthly Seattle magazine Bar Hop column. You should read the below, pick which best matches you and your mood today, and go have a drink. But don’t forget – tip your bartender people. They work hard. Bars to hop:

•     Anchor’s Down

•     Montana

•     Rocco’s

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June 11, 2013

Bar Hop Catch Up: Bait Shop, Ground Control/Brass Tacks, Mutiny Hall

bait shop capitol hill seattle bars cocktails retroHello drink hounds! Just in case you’ve missed my monthly Seattle magazine Bar Hop column lately, here are some handy links to the bars I’ve profiled after much research (it’s all for you, I hope you understand):

•    Bait Shop (Capitol Hill)

•    Ground Control/Brass Tacks (Georgetown)

•    Mutiny Hall (Roosevelt)

February 26, 2013

Bar Hop Catch Up: Essex, Clever Bottle, Rumba, Golden Beetle

It’s that time again bar lovers, where I point you to recent (or, fairly recent) Bar Hop columns. In case you don’t know, the Bar Hop columns come out every month in Seattle Magazine, and in each I do a short profile on a different Seattle bar. Usually, they’re new-ish bars, but not always. So, if you’re planning on having a drink in Seattle anytime soon, then I suggest checking out the following to find which drinking haven is for you.

•  Essex (in Upper Ballard)

•  Clever Bottle (in Belltown)

•  Rumba (in Capitol Hill)

•  Golden Beetle (in downtown Ballard)

Or, see all Bar Hops.

September 24, 2012

Bar Hop Catch Up: Vessel, Saint John’s Bar and Eatery, Macleod’s Scottish Pub, The Gerald

It’s that time again Seattle bar lovers (or those lucky folks getting ready to visit the lovely city of Seattle, the Emerald City, Jet City, and known to many as Awesome-Bar-City). The time where I put my recent Seattle Magazine Bar Hop columns (like in Bar Hop posts past) in an easy-to-read bulleted format, so you can catch up on what bars I’ve been drinking at lately, what I said about said bars, and why you should probably go visit these bars soon.

•  Vessel (in Downtown)

•  Saint John’s Bar and Eatery (in Capitol Hill)

•  Macleod’s Scottish Pub (in Ballard)

•  The Gerald (in Ballard)

Let your drinking commence.

June 3, 2012

Bar Hop Catch Up: Little Water Cantina, Innkeeper, the Sexton

Back a bit, I went on and on and on about writing this incredibly awesome (like, Everest-sized) short column I was starting to write for the also incredibly awesome Seattle Magazine. Then I detailed like two of the columns and never mentioned it again. Cause really, I’m like that (and by that, in this case, I mean lame). Here I am, in great position to set you up for a lost weekend of Seattle bars and then I dropped the ball. I should be riding the pine with the second team. But, I now promise to make it up to you by detailing, in easy-to-read bulleted fashion, the three Bar Hop columns you may have missed. A little drum roll, please. Great. Now, here they are:

•  Innkeeper (in Belltown)

•  Little Water Cantina (in Eastlake)

•  Sexton (in Ballard)

Let your drinking commence.

March 7, 2012

Bar Hop: Chino’s

If you missed it in my earlier Sun Liquor Distillery post, those tipsy ladies at Seattle Magazine have me writing a monthly Bar Hop column, and a new one has just hit the energetic e-airwaves and will soon be on newstands. It’s focusing on new-ish Cap Hill spot Chino’s, which has not only a small host of healthy (and healthily tasty) tiki-ish drinks whipped up by bartendress supreme Veronika Groth but also an array of intriguing snacks. But hey, don’t stop at this summary, go read the Bar Hop.

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January 25, 2012

Bar Hop: Sun Liquor Distillery

Well, here’s a heck of a thing: those wacky wild folks at Seattle Magazine have decided (when tipsy, I’m guessing) to have me write their Bar Hop column every month. Not sure just what they’d been imbibing when we signed the contracts (which I can’t seem to find now . . .), but they offered and I nodded. It’s not a lot of words, but I plan on making each one bubbly. But wait, what is the Bar Hop column you ask? Well, every month it’s now me highlighting a different local bar/lounge/watering hole/speakeasy/booze parlor/hooch pad, talking about what said snozzled spot is about so you know where to get your drink on. The first Bar Hop article is on Sun Liquor Distillery, where you can go and have a drink with Sun’s Hedgetrimmer gin right where it’s made. A fine, fine thing I think (oh, if you don’t have the new issue of Seattle Magazine, then go get it. Or, read the Sun Liquor Bar Hop column online).


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