March 18, 2014

Single Malt Whiskey, Washington State Style

best whiskeys seattle magazineIf you live in Washington State, you (like me) should feel pretty happy about the distillery explosion over the last few years, cause it’s delivering a host of dandy local spirits and liqueurs. The list includes a number of single malt whiskies, and recently I was lucky enough to talk to a bunch of distillers making said whiskey, and write about it for Seattle magazine. And now I’m passing that luck on to you, since the Washington State Distillers Embrace American Single Malt Whiskey article (and a few single-malt picks) is just a click away.


October 8, 2013

Seattle Magazine Cocktail Catch-Up

It’s time to take a tipsy spin again through some fun-tastic recent posts I’ve written for the swell Seattle magazine, covering such topics as local bar and spirit news and the best places in Seattle to eat when you’re having jury duty (for those living here), and drinks to have when you’re tailgating or on a hayride, or when you want to think of summer (since it’s, well, sadly gone now).

•     Fall Spirit and Distillery News

•     Early Fall Bar News

•     Fall Cocktails Perfect for Hayrack Rides

•     The Best Places to Eat When You Have Jury Duty

•     Four Drinks for a Triumphant Tailgating Experience

•     Late Summer Wine Cocktails

•     Summer Sipper Recipes

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